Fascial Stretch Therapy


eliminate pain with fst

Join Sierra Andrade NASM, FST, PN1, Certified Personal Trainer and Fascial Stretch Therapist.

FST is one of the quickest, most effective and pleasant methods to eliminate pain, restore function, move and feel better in activities of daily life, fitness and sports! This method focuses on elongating, re-aligning and balancing the connective tissues of the body.

The rapid and pain-free results often occur within one session and not only improves flexibility but also strength, balance, coordination, body awareness and posture. World-class athletes including NFL Quarterback Donovan McNabb, Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards, and World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson, use FST® techniques as part of their training protocol.

What to Expect: During a Fascial Stretch Therapy® session

Sierra will move your body in spiral diagonal patterns, known as stretch waves, paired with traction to access the joint capsule - the deepest level of fascia. Breathing is synchronized with stretch waves for greater efficiency and an additional therapeutic effect. This pain-free therapy allows your body to relax and receive greater benefits without muscular guarding.

Her approach to training relies heavily on the fundamentals of Functional Training, incorporating movements from the activities of daily life that are unique to each individual.

restore flexibility & Rebuild injured tissues

She works with clients to restore flexibility to the tissue and rebuild their strength of injured tissues. Most importantly, she strives to provide clients with a positive and satisfying experience that inspires reassurance in their personal ability to fulfill their health goals.

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