Sports Massage in Tampa Florida

Whether you are a professional athlete nursing a chronic injury, a weekend warrior sore from overdoing it, or a mom with back pain from toting a toddler, Tampa Bay Sports & Medical Massage is here for you.

Sports Massage is detailed, focused, anatomically specific massage that targets and corrects your unique physical issues.  The discipline focuses on tissue and muscle health, along with balance, proper posture, range of motion, and more. Overall, sports massage can result in better performance and increased mind-body connection for athletes of all disciplines and skill levels—from elite athletes to casual enthusiasts. The proper sports massage program will target your body’s specific needs and help you do what you love even better. The results could include less injuries, faster recovery times, and improved all-around performance.   


“I️ owe my next four years of collegiate running to Tracy Alan Jones. He was the missing ingredient to fixing running injuries and or just basic wear and tear. He could take one look at me and know what was wrong. Any opening on his schedule is one I️ will try to snag!”

— Laura J.


What to Expect With Sports Massage

At Tampa Bay Sports & Medical Massage, we understand the effect of injuries on an athlete’s career or a person’s profession. Our experienced team of sports massage specialists can find the best possible way to relieve pain and improve your body, to either get you back into the shape you were in before the injury or boost performance.

The bodywork that you receive at Tampa Bay Sports Massage is custom tailored to you and your needs. If you need to address a specific complaint or injury, your therapist will focus on that. If your need is for a more general full body session to help remove lactic acid buildup, the massage is directed that way. The therapists at Tampa Bay Sports Massage have mastery in a broad variety of massage techniques, and we use these skills much as a builder would use different tools to meet the individual demands of the project. No matter which specific style of sports massage, you know you’re getting a massage custom-built just for you.

Contact Our Tampa Sports Massage Therapists

The goal of the licensed massage therapists at Tampa Bay Sports & Medical Massage is to help our clients heal and relax. At our South Tampa, FL massage therapy clinic, we fix broken people. We use a variety of modalities to restore your mind and body connection. Contact us today to book a sports massage with our expert sports massage therapists!