Meet the Team


Tracy Alan Jones, MSW, LMT

Tracy holds both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Social Work from the University of Illinois and holds a Massage Therapy Technician certification from the Myotherapy Institute of Utah.

He has been an International Instructor of Manual Therapy (and is a co-developer of Neurosomatic Therapy), is a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and is a golf fitness expert as a Level 3 Medical Certified Titleist Performance Institute graduate.

He has been the Team Massage Therapist for the University of Notre Dame Track & Field Team for the past 7 seasons, helping them to 3 Big East Conference titles and two Top Ten Finishes at the National Championships.

License #: MA 44448

Kerry Brown27332 2.jpg

Kerry Brown, LMT, CNS

A Pennsylvania native, Kerry spent 4 yrs in the Marine Corps as a diesel mechanic in 2 tours to Iraq. Transplanted to Florida after his military service. Kerry attended the Center for Neurosomatic studies in Clearwater, FL for massage and the NST designation.  His specialty/modalities include: NST.

He started his massage therapy career in 2017. Kerry’s favorite aspect of massage therapy is being able to join someone in their journey to wellness, being able to get their life back in line again.

An adventurer at heart, so Kerry loves to venture out whenever he can. After all…

"When you allow yourself to explore, you find destinations that were never on the map."

License #: MA 88222


Alida Hernandez, LMT, CNS

Alida was drawn to massage therapy when a friend had Parkinson’s Disease, and she learned that massage can help. A Havana, Cuba native, moved to the US at age 20.  

A graduate of the Center for Neurosomatic Therapy, Alida began her career as a neurosomatic specialist and licensed massage therapist in 2019. Her specialties include: deep tissue massagetrigger point technique, and TMJ massage. Her favorite part of the job is when a patient walks out of the room smiling and feeling no or less pain.  

Alida’s hobbies include working out at a park, rollerskating, and reading.  

License #: MA 92203