Tracy is excellent! Since I started working with him, he's helped me through several issues. So happy to have him on my team. I recommend him to my Run Tampa runners all the time.

-Debbie V.



Tracy is amazing. His technique has helped me recover faster and continue to make positive gains in training for multiple triathlons this season. I attribute late season PR’s to Tracy’s work.

-Heather M.



Roxanne took my shoulder pain away.  I had terrible shoulder mobility due to overuse on my Teres Minor.  Roxanne first did a full evaluation in order to fully understand what was going on. She was able to pinpoint the issue and work through it.  I’ve been disappointed with the lack of pressure used by too many massage therapists but not Roxanne. She made sure not to apply too much pressure, but had no problem getting deep tissue.  I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with tissue related pain to go see Roxanne. She’ll take good care of you.

-Eric S.



Tracy is the best in his field! My daughter is a competitor swimmer and has experienced significant hip pain for several months. We thought it was a tailbone issue but turns out her left leg is shorter than her right leg...We came to Tracy after a chiro told us “most people have different leg lengths and there is nothing we can do about it”- tracy was able to agree with the diagnosis but was determined to get her swimming again without pain. I highly recommend Tracy for anyone with “mysterious” pains as he is a detective and will get to the source of it.

-Kristen M.


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