Golf & Fitness Massage in Tampa

The ability to boost cardiovascular health is something shared by both fitness and massage.  Massage can help to relieve the aches associated with sports and fitness, so that people can get back into the game or back to the gym sooner rather than later.

Feel the Difference of Golf & Fitness Massage

There are two main types of massages. The first is a put-you-to-sleep massage: Swedish, hot stones, aromatherapy, Reiki, etc. The second is a grit-your-teeth (but so worth it) massage. These are often called deep-tissue or trigger-point therapy and aren't designed to be relaxing experiences.


When Should I Get a Golf Massage?

You can get a relaxing massage almost anytime, but for golfers you might not want to be too relaxed on the first tee. Deep massages at Tampa Bay Sports & Medical Massage should be done well before a tee time-- at least 48 hours is ideal.

If you get one right before a round, you might be too sore to play, or your muscles won't perform optimally.

Benefits of Golf & Fitness Massage

Vigorous massages are designed to increase blood flow, break up adhesions and reduce rigidity in muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments.  Focusing on golfers' hot spots--like the lower back, hips and shoulders-- can improve your performance on the green.

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The goal of the licensed massage therapists at Tampa Bay Sports & Medical Massage is to help our clients heal and improve. At our South Tampa, FL massage therapy clinic, we fix broken people. We use a variety of modalities to restore your mind and body connection. Contact us today to book a tailored fitness massage with our expert sports massage therapists!